Ms. Kelly

Bonjour je m'appelle Mme Kelly

Bienvenue a la classe de francais
Welcome to French class

In this class you will have the opportunity to learn about the French language, culture and history.  We will focus  on the following skills:  Speaking, Reading, Writing and Listening.  Each chapter will focus on specific objective and students will learn new vocabulary, grammar and culture relative to the topic. By the end of this course, students will be able to:
  Communicate in French in simple ways about themselves and their immediate world
Understand others who are speaking and writing in French on familiar topics 
1. Test 30%
2. Quizzes 20%
3. Projects 30%
4. Participation 10%
5. Homework 10%

Material Needed
Writing utensil
Binder with a pocket (to hold vocabulary, notes, and writing samples)
Loose leaf paper to turn in work

1- Be seated and working when the bell rings
2-Treat each person with respect and dignity
3-Bring all required materials with you and take them with you when you leave
4-Follow all directions
5- Follow all rules and guidelines in the students agenda book
6- The bell doesn't dismiss the class, the teacher does