Mr. Langer

Welcome to 8th grade Social Studies. We look forward to an exciting new year of academic growth and personal achievement.

Here are our expectations:

Mr. Langer

Eighth Grade Social Studies

2019- 2020


            Welcome to eighth grade social studies. We can all look forward to an exciting school year filled with new challenges, activities and opportunities for personal achievement and growth. Let’s get started.


            Your grade will consist of the following types of assignments:




                        Class work

                        Projects and special assignments

            Your grade may be tracked through the Genesis administration system. Parents may contact the school to receive access to the program.

            Tests and quizzes will be given on a periodic basis. As chapters and units are concluded you can expect a chapter or unit test. Quizzes may or may not be announced. All videos which may be shown will be accompanied by a worksheet and followed by a quiz.


            There will be projects or reports assigned throughout the school year. Some projects may be joint projects with other teachers or subject areas. There will be at least one project per marking period.


            Homework will be assigned as needed. Some assignments will take more than one day to complete. There is a monthly homework calendar located on the Grace Wilday web site under your class page. The website may be found at


            Students who are absent are expected to makeup all missed assignments within a time frame to be determined me.


            Assignments handed in late (without a valid reason) will lose five points for each day late. Parties, shopping trips, pet and/or sibling accidents (my dog ate it, my little brother ripped it up) to assignments, lack of supplies, and other such excuses are not valid reasons for handing in assignments late.


            There will be no extra credit assignments. Students who complete all classroom assignments will be expected to work om completing a classroom museum worksheet or writing an article for our class newsletter. All students will be required to complete a certain number of such assignments each marking period. These, of course, will be graded.


            Please remember: I DON’T GIVE GRADES, STUDENTS EARN THEM.



1)      A NOTEBOOK (with paper) to take notes in. A three-ring binder is recommended but not mandatory—although this type of notebook makes it much easier for saving handouts (handouts are considered to be class notes). The style of notebook is really up to you. Notes are to be neat and organized. You will need your notes to study for your exams.

2)      A PEN or PENCIL. This should be obvious. You need something to write with when taking notes or completing class assignments.

3)      A FLASH DRIVE. You will need this when we begin working with our laptops. Flash drives should be used to save assignments. You may even decide to use the flash drive to take notes.

4)       You will also find a set of COLORED PENCILS to be very useful when we do map work. Six or eight basic colors are fine.

I do not supply pens/pencils, notebooks, notebook paper, note cards, staples, paper clips, rubber bands, poster boards, construction paper, tape or book covers. These items are your responsibility. Although there is a STUDENT RESOURCE CENTER in the classroom where you may find a pen or pencil that was left behind.



      Parents/guardians: should you need to contact me you may call the school at 908-298-2066 and leave a message. I will return your call as soon as possible. You may also e-mail at: I check school e-mail at least three times a day. E-mails, however, are the best way for parents to communicate with me.


      Students: I am available most days before school or after school but you need to tell me at least one day before AND have your parent’s/guardian’s permission. You too may also e-mail at: Assignments may also be sent to me through e-mail.



If you do bring a cell phone to school, make sure it is turned off BEFORE entering the classroom. Cell phones that are taken out during the class period will be taken and turned into the main office. This is not negotiable. If there is an emergency at home, your parents or guardians can easily contact the school and you will then be notified.


1) Please do be on time to class every day. Your presence and participation adds a great deal to our class, so take advantage of every minute possible.
2) Please do remember that only one person can speak at a time. Terrific thoughts and comments can be lost if several people are all trying to be heard at the same time.
3) Please do remember to keep all body parts to yourself. Attempting to "get back" at someone who may have hit you is not really self-defense: it is revenge and we are all better people than that.
4) please do remember that there is no such thing as "play fighting"; that only leads to people losing there tempers and taking things too far. Play fighting in school IS fighting.
5) Please do remember to respect everyone's opinion in class. Listening to everyone's opinion is one way we learn from each other.
6) Finally, please do remember to be kind to the Earth, it is the only home we have.