Parents, please check out the information on my "welcome page" on this website, and in the "welcome letter" sent home during the first month of school.
Here is some additional information about our classroom:

A “Do Now” activity is assigned at the beginning of class each day.  If computers are available, Do Now assignments are made on Google Classroom.  A percentage of the Do Nows are graded and will count as classwork grades.

Check this web page to see your child's homework assignment.  If your child has had trouble completing homework, ask to see the assignment and review it before he/she hands it in. Encourage your child to follow the directions for all assignments.
All homework and classwork should be in your child's social studies notebook and folder.

Homework is assigned several times per week.  Sometimes, homework is reading a section of the textbook, or studying for a test or quiz.  In cases where homework is written work that will be handed in and graded, students MUST bring it to class on time to receive full credit (excluding absences and other special circumstances).  Homework that is more than a day late will not receive credit.  If absent on the due date, the student is expected to turn in the homework upon returning to school.

Tests and quizzes - study tips and strategies:
Students should should study class notes, study sheets, Do Now answers, and any other handouts given in class regarding the information covered by the test or quiz.  Studying with a friend, sibling or parent, who can "test" the student on how well he/she has learned the required information is also a useful strategy.

Our assessments will include many types of questions, including:
-Multiple choice
-Fill-in / word banks
-Short written responses
-Document-Based Questions (DBQ)

Extra work to improve understanding:
The student resources section of our online textbook (see "Useful Links and Documents") includes additional work that students can complete to enhance their understanding of the information being taught in class.

Please email me with any concerns or questions. My email address is .  I will respond as quickly as possible.  Please note that I am not able to respond during school teaching hours.

Genesis (aka checking your child's progress):
Parents can always see their child's current grades by signing up for the Genesis system. Forms are available to all parents via the district web page.