Homework Assignments

"A dream doesn't become reality through magic.  It takes sweat, determination, and hard work."  -Colin Powell


Possible Pop quiz Tuesday - 5/21 - study "Branches of Government" on Quizlet

 Due Tuesday, 5/14 - Preamble project.  NOTE: Friday 5/10 is last day we'll work on it in class (turned in Friday, earn +3 points).  Project, rubric and explanations are posted on Google Classroom. 

 Due Monday, 5/6 - Quiz on George Washington. Study your review sheet!

Student grade reports must be signed and returned by:
Period 4 - April 18
Periods 1, 3, 6, 9 - April 30
Period 7 - May 2

There will be no homework posted during NJSLA - 4/9-4/16

 Due Monday, 4/8 - Retakes/makeups for geography quiz. Review sheet is posted on Google Classroom as a "material" under the topic "Geography"

 Due Friday, 4/5 - Geography crossword and wordsearch.  (Number 3 down is "hemispheres")

 Due Thursday, 4/4 - World geography quiz - continents and oceans.  

Due Friday, 3/29 - Periods 1,3,6,7,9) -Complete the American Revolution worksheet handed out in class (Do not do #9).   
(Period 4 - You will be given this assignment on Friday)

 Due Wednesday, 3/20 - Study review sheet for unit test on American Revolution (changed to 3/22, extended to 3/25)

Due Monday 3/18 - 2nd X-word puzzle on Declaration of Independence.

 Due Monday, 3/4 - complete the worksheet handed out after Friday's (3/1) quiz.

 Due Friday, 3/1 - Vocabulary quiz.  Use vocabulary lists (from class) and Quizlet (Patriot - Vocabulary 1)

 Due Friday 2/22 - complete the crossword puzzle on the Declaration of Independence

 Thursday 2/21 -  Quiz on Declaration of Indpendence. Please study!

 Due Thursday, 2/7 - ONLY FOR STUDENTS WHO WERE ABSENT ON 2/5: complete your Black History Month project at home.  If you do not have internet access, come to school early to use my computers.

 Due Wednesday 2/6 - Be ready to complete your Black History Month project.

Due Monday, 2/4 - Complete your "Causes of the revolution" project as much as possible (even handwritten), and be ready for polishing on Monday 2/4.  Except for extraordinary circumstances, no changes will be accepted after 2/4.

Due Friday, 2/1:  Project on "causes of the American Revolution" must be shared electronically by close of school.  This can be worked on at home also. I will print the version available on Friday afternoon for grading.  Please, complete it on time.

 Due 1/23 (Wednesday) - Selected students must study for quiz and test re-takes.  There are Quizets, plus the review sheets provided during class on Tuesday (and previously).

 Due 1/18 - Complete the worksheet given after the quiz (Boston Tea Party and Intolerable Acts) 

 Due 1/17 - Quiz Thursday - British taxes - Causes of the Revolution.
Use Quizlet and the review sheet provided in class to prepare.

 Due 1/10 - Complete the worksheet handed out after the Wednesday 1/9 quiz.

 Due 1/9 -
Study for vocabulary quiz - "Life in the English Colonies".  Use the review sheet and the Quizlet with the same title.

12/20-12/21   Due Thursday and Friday -- selected students only --
1. Test re-takes are mandatory if you were absent. 
2. They are optional but highly recommended if you scored under 75%.
3. "Middle Colonies' Diversity" project final due date is this Friday 1/4 .  After 1/4, penalty points will be assessed.

 Winter break - Stay healthy and be happy!   Watch a news program at least twice.  Enjoy the break!

Week of 12/17 - Study for makeup tests, if needed

 Due Thursday, 12/13 - Complete the review sheet that we started in class on Wednesday.  It's a graded homework, AND you'll need this for the test tomorrow!

 Due Tuesday, 12/11 - Continue work on Diversity Project.  Make sure you have a full list of 10 European religions and countries/nationalities.

 Due Monday, 12/10 - Complete the T-Chart of European Countries/Nationalities (one side of t-chart) and European religions (other side of T-chart) from the middle colonies.  Use the copied textbook pages to FIRST complete the worksheet, and then complete the T-chart.  Remember, use a piece of notebook paper to create your t-chart (I noticed many of you started your t-chart in class).

Due Thursday, 12/6 - Quiz on New England colonies.  Study Quizlet and review sheet.
Complete the questions about Anne Hutchinson on on the worksheet handed out in class.   
NOTE:  Periods 1 and 3 -- several students began the work on Google Classroom.  These students, plus any other student who may have lost the worksheet, are welcome to complete and TURN IN on Google classroom before class on Monday, 12/2.  

 Due Thursday, 11/29 - complete the 6-question worksheet handed out in class.

 Due Wednesday, 11/28 - Review the "translation" of the Mayflower Compact.  Bring it to class!

 Due Monday, 11/26 - Happy Thanksgiving!  Enjoy your time away from school! 

Here's your homework:  read about or watch at least one news story that includes the national government (Donald Trump, or Congress, etc.).  In the USA, it is important to be an informed citizen. 

 Due Tuesday 11/20 - Complete the worksheet we began after the quiz.  Use the material "New England Colonies - Text 1" posted on Google Classroom as your source.  

(Due Monday, 11/19 -- Friday's quiz will be given on Monday)

 Due Friday, 11/16 - Study for quiz Friday.  Jamestown and the Southern colonies.  A review sheet will be provided on Wednesday.  You can also study via Quizlet ("Jamestown and the Southern Colonies").  Warning -- you need to know the names of the five southern colonies!

 Due Monday, 11/12:  Complete the Jamestown "Letter home OR News Story" about the successes and hardships of early Jamestown.  You have a paper copy of the rubric and our notes from today's Do Now (the rubric is also posted on Google Classroom) Type your responses in the "Jamestown writing assignment" on Google Classroom.  If there is absolutely no way for you to access Google Classroom, then you must NEATLY PRINT your letter or news story.

 Due Friday, 11/2 - Complete the worksheet we started on 10/31 in class on the Southern Colonies.  Use the "Southern Colonies" text that is published as a "Material" in Google Classroom to find your answers.

 Due Tuesday 10/30 - Review Quizlet vocabulary for Southern Colonies (2 sets)

Due Friday 10/26 - Study quizlet and review sheets for vocabulary quiz on Friday

Due Wednesday 10/24 - Study Quizlet and review sheets for vocabulary quiz on Wednesday

 Due Monday before start of school - Periods 7 and 9 -- extra time for your explorer project due to losing a day's work because of the assembly.

Due Friday, 10/19 - If you did not complete your Explorer Project, complete it at home and turn it in to avoid late penalty.  You can do it!

 Due Thursday, 10/18 - Work on your Explorer Worksheet.  When completed, use this information to work on your explorer project.

 Due Friday, 10/12 - If you did not perform well on the test -- begin studying for a retake. I will average the two grades -- your grade will go UP.  Use the online tools we discussed, and also the review sheets and maps provided.  Let me know when you're ready (within a week, ok?)

 Due Thursday, 10/11 - The "Atlantic Crossings" worksheet, which was handed out and started in class on Wednesday, after the test.

 Due Wednesday, 10/10 -
1. Complete the test review sheet handed out in class.
2. Study for TEST on Geography concepts 
YOU MUST KNOW THE LOCATION OF THE CONTINENTS AND OCEANS ON A WORLD MAP.  Plus, know the concepts on the vocabulary review sheet, and tonight's homework geography review sheet.

Please study the test review sheet, vocabulary review sheet, and world map (continents and oceans).  You can practice using my geography Quizlets and the Geography games on my "Useful Links and Documents" page. 

 Due Friday, 10/5 - TEST on Geography concepts.  You MUST study the continents and oceans, know where they are  on a world map.  Also, the vocabulary handed out on Tuesday 10/2 will be included.  

 Due Friday, 9/21  H.O.W. (handout) on Cesar Chavez


Due Thursday 9/20 - complete the worksheet (started in class) on Cesar Chavez.  Use the page of text given to you in class. 

 Due Monday, 9/17 - HOMEROOM ONLY - Return the signed emergency cards and other signed forms (Lunch, etc.)

 Due Friday, 9/14 - H.O.W. (handout) on September 11 attacks (Flight 93)

Due Monday, September 10:
1. Summer reading assignment for Social Studies: Essay on "My Brother Sam Is Dead".  (This assignment was distributed by your Language Arts or Social Studies teacher at L.V. Moore in June 2018.)  A link to the summer reading packet is inserted here: 
Summer reading

2, Please return any forms (teacher contracts, emergency forms, lunch forms, etc) requiring parent signature.
3. Bring in a combination lock for your school locker.
4. If you did not complete the student survey for Social Studies during class on Friday, please bring it in on Monday (this applies mainly to our 9th period class, who attended the school assembly).