Parent Information
How to Be Successful in Music Class:
The best way to be successful in music class is to stay focused in class and use your time wisely.  The two things we focus on are playing the piano and being able to write about music using the correct vocabulary.  To practice these things at home, students can make note-name flash cards (or find some here).  To practice vocabulary, students should regularly hand in their homework and use the glossary sheet given in class to describe music they hear in their every day life.  

How to Help Your Child With Music Homework:
Listen to the song for the listening log with your child each week.  Discuss things like the speed of the music, how it makes you feel, how the volume changes, and what instruments you hear.  This conversation will help your child find new things in the music to write about.

7th Grade Overview:
In seventh grade, our main focus is how to play the piano.  We learn how to read rhythms and pitches and then put these concepts together to read music.  Later in the marking period, we will start discussion musical form.  Students will take a playing test about halfway through the marking period and complete another project closer to the end of the marking period.

8th Grade Overview:
In eighth grade, we use the piano skills we learned in seventh grade to learn about music from around the world and from different time periods.  There is a travel brochure project about five weeks into the marking period and another project towards the end.