Ms. Susan McNulty

Hello My Name Is...

Ms. McNulty

  • Hi, my name is Susan McNulty and I am the Dance Teacher here at Grace Wilday Junior High School. I received my BFA in Dance at Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey. I also received my Masters in Dance Education K-12 at Rutgers Graduate School of Education in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Not only do I love to dance but, I love all that dance represents. It is important to me that our students have the opportunity to study the arts and learn about creativity, exploring something new and unfamiliar, teamwork, and discipline all while having fun.

  • This program will teach students about dance technique such as ballet, modern, jazz, and hiphop. The students will also learning how to create dance and become a choreographer, how to critique dances and be an audience member, how to perform, and the history and culture behind the origin of different dance styles.