Band Ms. Raquel White

The Grace Wilday Instrumental Program is off to a great start. With the support of teachers and parents, all of our musicians should experience a year full of music, growth, and success.

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Music Is More Than Fun ! 
Music is Math ……Symbols, Fractions, Ratios, mm.120,Sequences 
Music is Science...Vibrations, cycles per second, velocity, A=440 

Music is Foreign Language….. Vivace, Allegro, Rubato, Largo  

Music is Social Studies…Patriotic Songs, History, Famous People 

Music is Gym...Coordination, Dexterity, Technique, Teamwork, Discipline 

Music is Reading ….Biographies, Journals, Literature, Alphabet, Phrases
 Music is Art….. Self Expression, Style, Form, Patterns, Creativity

Please continue to check the calendar for trip dates, assessments, and event postings!!!!!!