Properties Quiz - 11/20/18
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Station Activities Monday October 22, 2018

Station 1: Classifying Integers

Step 1: Pre-test
Step 2: Fill out foldable reference sheet. Use the laptop to look up definitions and classify the ten numbers on the other side.
Step 3: Complete one of the two worksheets for the classifying numbers station. Get the teacher's signature before moving on to the next activity/center
Step 4: Post-test

Station 2: Order of Operations

Step 1: Pre-test
Step 2: Complete one of the two assignments at the center. Get the teachers signature before moving on.
Step 3: Post-test

Station 3: Exponents and Roots

Step 1: Pre-test
Step 2: Complete the reference/notes sheets for exponents and roots
Step 3: Post-test