Ms. Castainca and Ms. Estil-Sauveur

Ms. Castainca & Mrs. Sauveur


Welcome to Assisted Reading!  

  Assisted Reading

Welcome! For the 2017-2018 school year,  each student will need a notebook and folder to keep in our classroom. Students may also bring their own headphones to class to use with the Read 180 software only.  Additionally, students will be responsible for bringing a writing utensil to class with them daily.

Homework will be given to students in class on Tuesday and it will be due Friday when they walk into class. If students misplace their work and need an extra copy, it may be found in our classroom under "Class Information" or on this website in the homework folder corresponding with your grade. 

Please free to reach us by email with any questions at, or and we will always get back to you! We look forward to spending this year with you, and are here to help and support you. Extra help can be scheduled for after school with advanced notice. Have a wonderful year!

Please use the link below to log into our Read 180 page. 

Read 180 Link