Due 11/30/2017: Michaela's Timeline
- Students should fill out "Self Reflection" section of provided rubric
- Notes are available on Google Classroom

Due 12/5/2017: Completed graphic organizer for argumentative essay
- Available on Google Classroom

Due 12/6/2017: Typed introduction paragraph of argumentative essay
-Available on Google Classroom

Due 12/11/2017: 2 body paragraphs of argumentative essay, typed
- Available on Google Classroom

Due 12/12/2017:​ Completed argumentative essay, typed
- Submit on Google Classroom

Due 12/22/2017: BOTH parts of the Taking Flight End of Unit project
- Submit on Google Classroom.

Students must pass at least 3 I-Ready lessons by January 2, 2018. I-Ready can be accessed via tablet or computer.

Due 1/17/2018: ​Complete Cornell Notes for Chapters 3, 4, and 5 of ​I am Malala