Language Arts with Mrs.White

Welcome to English Language Arts

Mrs. White

Room 1021

"Education is a shared commitment between dedicated teachers,
motivated students and enthusiastic parents with high expectations." 
                    - Bob Beauprez

Language Arts Vision: 

Our vision is to develop students as critical readers, insightful writers, independent thinkers, and effective communicators. 

Due to the rigorous demands set forth by the teachers and administrators, students will  be reading and writing more every day, and will learn more this year than any other year. With a challenging set of goals, high energy, and full student engagement, Mrs. White will establish and continually foster a classroom that is safe, respectful, positive, energetic, and conducive to learning. This is where students will be challenged, supported, and applauded for their academic achievements as well as the effort they put forth to help others, as well as improve Grace Wilday Junior High School and their community through service and volunteering.

With Mrs. White , eighth grade students will be reading, researching, writing, blogging, listening, collaborating, evaluating, speaking, constructing and creating each and every day in an effort to prepare for a successful future. Each student is challenged with the same set of high expectations, yet supported and encouraged as they work at their own pace to achieve student learning objectives.

We look forward to partnering with parents and  to make this year a "Year of Opportunity" and building relationships among teachers, students and parents. Please contact Ebony White at Thank you. 

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Homework will be posted each night in the       Calendar Tab on the left hand side!

Extra Help:

I am available most days until approximately 4:30 if your son/daughter needs extra help.