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Language Arts Grade 7 

Grace Wilday Junior High School (GWJHS)– 2018/2019 School Year

Teacher:Mrs. Gedell (Formerly Ms. Carrillo)                        Class Time:78 minutes
E-mail:                         Location:        Room1003
Extra Help:  If you require extra help or need to schedule a meeting please notify me and we will set a time before or after school.

  • Prentice Hall “Literature” Purple book (Full year with various selections of short stories, poems, essays, informational text, and plays)
  • Heat by Mike Lipuca
  • I am Malala by Malala Yousafazai with Patricia McCormick
  • Taking Flight by Michaela DePrince and Elaine DePrince
  • They Call me a Hero: A memoir of my youth by Daniel Hernandez with Susan Goldman Rubin

*Honors texts will be available later in the semester and will be able to be accessed at any time on my "Useful Links" page.*

All texts will be supplied by the district, however if a book is missing or destroyed the student/family will be responsible for the payment of the book for replenishment. 

Required Supplies

  • One composition (marble) notebook
  • One folder (Two-pocket)
  • Extra pens and pencils
  • Pleasure Reading novels or literary works available at home

 Course Description:
This course introduces effective reading, critical thinking, and writing skills. Emphasis is on vocabulary, comprehension,and reading and writing strategies. Upon completion, students should be able to determine main ideas and supporting details, recognize basic patterns of organization, draw conclusions, and understand vocabulary in context.  Students will be challenged to discuss and write about the topics addressed in class readings. 


Course Requirements for students:
Your grade will be determined by your performance on tests, published writing pieces, quizzes, homework, classwork, and projects. You are responsible to have all assignments completed by their due date.Those students who hand in their work late will only have 1 day to hand that work in for partial credit.

All grades will be posted periodically and can be located at any time through Genesis.

                                                Language Arts Grading Policy


Percentage of Final Grade







Class Participation/ Classwork






Each of the above categories plays an important part in your child’s learning.

 Homework:  Students will be assigned homework several times per week. Homework may be a reading assignment, a worksheet, review questions, take-home activities, or unfinished class work. All homework should be placed in the assigned homework bin for their class period each day at the start of the class period unless otherwise noted. I encourage you to review your child’s homework on a regular basis so that you know how well your child is doing.Reading Logs and short response questions may be administered weekly and will be counted as homework assignments for one week or as a quiz grade, these assignments should be complete and handed in on time every week.  This assignment requires a parent or guardian signature by the Friday of every week (unless otherwise noted) for full credit.Bringing in homework and assignments can also get rewards, as long as you are keeping up the good habit ALL THE TIME!

Quizzes and Tests: To ensure that students are regularly completing and understanding their course work, I will administer formative assessments in the way of exit cards, journal writing or some other informal assessment on a weekly basis.Additionally, we assess students’ progress with a summative assessment at least once per grading period. If your son or daughter earns a test grade of 75% or lower, please encourage your child to visit with me to discuss ways in which to improve his or her progress.

 Projects:  Students will participate in a number projects throughout the school year. Special projects are fun and challenging additions to your child’s course work.  These assignments will be interactive and will also be of assistance for background knowledge of novels read in class.

 Class Participation and Classwork:Active participation in class discussions will help your child develop his or her interpersonal skills, as well as develop writing and reading comprehension skills. To earn full class participation points your child must routinely contribute to class discussions and hand in any classwork assignments.

 Student Decorum/ Class expectations

  • You are expected to conduct yourself in a professional manner.
  • You must be courteous to each other when someone is addressing the class. It’s all about respecting one another and being able to have an honest, intellectual discussion in this class.
  • When you wish to comment or ask a question, you MUST raise your hand. You may voice any opinion that you wish as long as it is relevant to the topic under discussion and you do so in a courteous manner. Anyone who violates this rule will receive consequences.
  • Please turn off cell phones and all electronic devices before coming to class and keep them off during class. Text messaging, the ringing of or talking on cell phones while class is in progress constitutes disrespectful conduct and will not be tolerated. Students who are found with these electronic devices in class will have them confiscated and returned to them at the end of the day or handed to an administrator for parent pick up.
  • If an emergency presents itself, bring it to my attention either before class or in private. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

  Punctual course attendance and courteous class participation are required.  I will take attendance at the start of every class!

**Three strikes you’re out:  Whenever an expectation or rule is broken you will receive a “strike” or warning, this will usually result in a phone call home or an e-mail sent home.  After 3 strikes you will have to stay after school for detention.**

Plagiarism is a widespread and growing threat in the educational system. Every year there are cases in which students knowingly attempt to submit the work of other people as their own. Plagiarism is viewed as one of the most serious offenses that a student can commit. Students who are caught plagiarizing will receive consequences.  Instances of plagiarism include:

  1. Submitting essays, or portions of essays, written by other people as one’s own;
  2. Failing to acknowledge, through proper citation or attribution, the source of ideas that are not yours.
  3. Collaborating on any assignment or examination without the specific permission of the instructor. 
  4. If you are ever unclear about whether or not you are crossing the line into plagiarism, please consult with me immediately. I am always more than happy to assist students in the best intentions of learning and intellectual discovery.


Final Comments:
It is my goal to make this course worth your time and effort. Therefore, I will do all within my power to ensure that you learn and succeed. If you are concerned with any aspect of this course please feel free to speak with me. You owe it to yourself to talk with me since I can only help you if I know there is a problem. Let’s have a great year!