Homework Assignments
"A dream doesn't become reality through magic.  It takes sweat, determination, and hard work."  -Colin Powell


Due Monday, 11/27 (after Thanksgiving).  Write the question and the answer:
"The Mayflower Compact:  Was it an example of "Direct Democracy" or "Representative Democracy"?   Explain why.   Your response should be 2-4 good sentences.  Please, use your own words.  Plagiarism and/or copying from another student is not allowed.

Due Wednesday, 11/22:  Complete the six questions on the "Qualitative Analysis" of the Mayflower Compact that we began in class on Tuesday.  (NOTE: if you are absent on Wednesday, this is due on 11/27).

 Due Monday, 11/20 - Read page 78 "The Mayflower Compact".
Due Friday, 11/17 - Complete the "New England Colonies" close reading worksheet started in class on Thursday.

Due Thursday, 11/16 - Read pp. 78-84, "New England Colonies".

 Due Wednesday, 11/15 - Quiz on forms of government.  Study the Quizlet (on my Quizlet site), and the review sheet handed out in class (also under "Useful links and documents").

 Due Tuesday, 11/14 -- If you did not take the Southern Colonies quiz last Tuesday, prepare to take it on 11/14

 Due Monday, 11/13 - Complete the Southern colonies wordsearch, figure out the mystery question, and then -- answer the question!
Due Tuesday, 11/7 - Study review sheet for quiz 11/7 on the Southern colonies
Due Wednesday, 11/1:  Summarize the term "headright system" in your own words.
(NOTE: For some students, the Jamestown paragraphs are OVERDUE!!  Please turn in on Google Classroom)
Due Monday, 10/30 - Complete the Jamestown & Southern Colonies close reading worksheet that we began in class on Friday.   You've already started it -- turn it in and get the credit!

Due Thursday, 10/26 - Jamestown writing assignments are overdue.  If you have completed and submitted your assignment -- fantastic!   For other students, points will be deducted for each day submitted AFTER 10/25.  Please go to your Google Classroom account, complete the assignment, and "Turn it in" via Classroom.  This will generate an email to me, so that I know when you finished.  Remember, the rubric is at the top of the assignment document.  The information you need to include is all on pages 72-73 of the textbook.  If you have questions, please see me.  If you need to use a classroom computer, please come to school early; I am available after 7:30 almost every morning.
Due Tuesday 10/24 - Read pp 72-77. 
Due Monday 10/23 - Deadline extended because of Evacuation Drill on Monday - Complete the Jamestown writing assignment on Google Classroom.
Due Friday, 10/20 - Complete the Jamestown writing assignment on Google Classroom

Due Thursday 10/19 - Complete the Jamestown pre-writing organizer handed out in class today.
Due Wednesday, 10/18 - read pp 72-73 -- complete the worksheet handed out in class.  Be prepared to write on Wednesday!
Due Monday, 10/16 - Read pp 72-74.  Be ready to discuss and write about Jamestown

Due Tuesday, 10/10
The worksheet given out after Thursday's geography quiz will be accepted for full credit on Tuesday.  Students who handed it in on Friday (or Thursday) will be awarded bonus points.

Congratulations to Period 8!  You REALLY must have studied -- your average grade on Thursday's geography quiz was the highest of any period!  Well done!

Congratulations to all students currently on our classroom Wall of Fame -- Perfect scores on the quiz!  Great job!

Due Wednesday, 10/4
A geography quiz is scheduled for this day.  The quiz will cover the items shown in 1,2, and 3 below.  We will spend Monday and Tuesday preparing for this quiz.

1. Students must be able to identify the 7 continents and 5 oceans on a world map.  The best way to do this is to study and practice.  At least two paper copies of world maps have been distribututed (one copy if you transferred from Mr. Verga's class on 9/19).  Also, you can practice this skill online.  Three websites for this are listed under the "Useful links and documents" tab, which you can reach from my home page. 

2. Students must be able to identify the Equator, the Prime Meridian, and to find points on a world map by using latitude and longitude.  There is also an online game for this; again, you can find it under "Useful links and documents."

3. Students must understand concepts related to the following:
-Hemisphere:  Literally "half of a sphere." 
For our purposes, student must understand that the earth is divided into the Northern and Southern hemispheres by the Equator.  Separately, the earth is also divided into the Eastern and Western Hemispheres by the Prime Meridian.

-Absolute Location:
Every point on the earth can be uniquely located by its Absolute Location, which must be described in terms of its latitude and longitude.
For example, there is only one spot on the Earth that is at exactly 40 degrees North latitude and 74 degrees West longitude.

Due Friday, September 29
Continue to study notes, map handouts provided, and to play internet games shown on "Useful Links and Documents" page.  Goal: to be able to visually identify all 7 continents and 5 oceans.  There will be a quiz on this, as well as latitude and longitude; probably Wednesday or Thursday of next week.
Due Wednesday, September 27.
Complete the writing assignment described in class on Friday, regarding Hispanic Heritage Month.  The rubric is posted under the "Useful Links and Documents" tab, found on my Home page on this website. 
Due Friday, September 22,
Due to schedule changes, new written homework has been delayed.  My "new" students (assigned to Mr. Verga before Tuesday) should complete the student survey handed out in class.  All students should review Hispanic Heritage Month notes taken in my class and Mr. Verga's, in preparation for a future writing assignment.
Due Friday, September 15:  List the seven continents and five oceans.
Next to each of these, write the names of the hemispheres they are in.
Remember, each continent or ocean is in AT LEAST TWO HEMISPHERES.
(has to be in at least NORTHERN or SOUTHERN hemispheres, and
has to be in at least the EASTERN or WESTERN hemispheres.  Some continents and oceans might be in ALL FOUR hemispheres).
Due Monday, September 11: Return all required forms. Bring all materials to class.
Due Friday, September 8:  Return all required "school forms" (emergency cards, etc.) to your homeroom teacher.  Complete the student survey passed out in class.