Principal’s Message

Dear parents, guardians and community members,

March has been a very busy month for the students and faculty alike of Grace Wilday Junior High School.

PARCC testing took place during the first two weeks of March with make-ups taking place during the third. Overall, the implementation of this new state test was a success here at GWJHS. A schedule was put into place that allowed a smooth and seamless transition of classes, while the students who were in their testing sites remained focused and distraction-free. There will be a second round of testing beginning in late April.

Pi Day was celebrated on Friday, March 13th honoring the beauty of mathematics. In honor of this special number that is calculated to over one trillion digits beyond its decimal point, teachers volunteered to have pies thrown at them. Students had a very enjoyable time participating in this entertaining annual event.

The Future Leaders Academy continues to meet at Abraham Clark High School on a regular basis. Additionally, we also held a JROTC assembly here in which information was given as to the requirements and expectations of becoming a JROTC member next year. There was a lot of excitement and enthusiasm as this is an outstanding program at our high school.

The Teen Arts Festival was also held this month on March 20th. Over 120 student participants attended this fun filled, annual event. Samples of student art work were put on display for all to see. The students were also given the opportunity to participate in exciting activities while attending this event, such as taking photographs with a “selfie-stick” and making floral hair pieces.

On March 24th, four students participated in a rare opportunity of being an administrator for a day. For the second time this school year and second group of students performed in the roles of acting principal, acting vice principal, acting school counselor and acting dean of discipline. Students walked away with a wealth of knowledge and respect for these administrative roles. These activities were not limited to classroom visits, lunch duty, mediation and participating in professional learning community (PLC) conversations. 

The final marking period of the year begins mid-April. I hope that all parents are reviewing and discussing academic and behavioral performance with their child(ren) for the remainder of the school year. Finally, it is important to remind grade 8 families that the Grade 8 Promotional Exercise will be held on June 19, 2015 at 11am on the Grace Wilday field. We hope to see you present and participating at our monthly events.


Educationally yours,   


Dr. Josue B. Falaise


  April 2015  
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