Principal’s Message

Dear Parents, Guardians and Community Members,

Our Positive Behavior Support in Schools program is reaching new heights this year and was the main highlight of this month. The committee created a new component to this program this Fall. Students earn Wildcat Bucks as they normally would by meeting our school expectations, whether they are in the class room, hallway, or cafegymatorium. In addition to earning prizes which are displayed in the vice principal’s office, students can now earn different levels of V.I.P. status.

The first status requires the acquirement of 50 Wildcat bucks which entitles the student to Silver membership. This allows the student one dress down day pass, access to all P.B.S.I.S. events, and 10% off shelves one, two, and three anytime. The second level is Gold membership. This requires the students to earn 80 Wildcat bucks and rewards the student with all the benefits of the Silver membership in addition to 10% off shelf four anytime, half price dress down days for the remainder of the year, and free P.B.S.I.S. dress down days. The final level is the Platinum Membership which requires the students to have earned 115 Wildcat bucks. This elite level allows student all of the benefits of the silver and gold membership in addition to 15% off any shelf at any time, free P.B.S.I.S. and non P.B.S.I.S. dress-down days for the remainder of the year, one free pie on Pie Day (to be held later in the year), and the privilege of a free dress-down day every Friday for the remainder of the year.

With that, G.W.J.H.S. held our first ever P.B.S.I.S. V.I.P. event on January 9, 2015. When the P.B.S.I.S. committee began to plan this event, they had a handful of students with the Silver status. Talk soon erupted and the Wildcat bucks were being earned. Students were determined to get access to this special event. On the day of the event, we had twenty students participate in our V.I.P. event! Students spent periods 7, 8 and 9 with P.B.S.I.S. committee members relaxing and having fun! Frozen played in the background as students participated in an igloo-making contest using marshmallows and tooth picks, designed their own picture frames, and played a guessing game all while munching on snacks. It was a great event and the students had a wonderful time! The next event is in the works and we hope to have even more participants!

In addition to the aforementioned fun, teachers continue to prepare students diligently for the New Jersey Core Content Curriculum Standards and Common Core State Standards. Simultaneously, the teachers are also preparing their instruction and aligning their various types of assessments for the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) assessment set to take place in March.

Furthermore, the Black History Month Committee has been planning and preparing events for the entire school which will kick off early in February. Additionally, the month of January also marked the middle point of the school year. February 2, 2015 kicks off third marking period. I hope that all parents are reviewing and discussing the academic and behavioral performance with their child(ren). It is my aspiration that every student utilizes the third marking period as a new starting point off on the right foot and maintain it.

Finally, it is important to remind grade 8 families that the Grade 8 Promotional Exercise will be held on June 19, 2015 at 11am on the Grace Wilday field. We hope to see you present and participating.


Educationally yours,   


Dr. Josue B. Falaise


  March 2015  
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