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Dear Parents, Guardians and Community Members,

May was a very busy month at Grace Wilday Junior High School! The month started off by celebrating Special Education Week which we titled “Sensitivity Week”. Our school as well as every school in the district celebrated the special education programs, services rendered and teachers that work with children with disabilities to realize and reach their fullest potential as individuals, students and citizens. The theme of the week this year was the Faces of Success which was meant to celebrate educational strategies that make for positive learning experiences for our diverse population of students. In keeping with the theme, the Grace Wilday Sensitivity Week Committee arranged for simulated learning experiences that reflected the challenges of our students with disabilities. Students demonstrated the heart of inclusion and equity by recommending kid friendly strategies and approaches to accommodate our students and to make them even more successful. The culminating activity was the creation of wearable student art work that reflected an appreciation for diversity and uniqueness. Students designed buttons that were revealed at a district book fair event where story books and related materials were shared that were themed to highlight the needs of students with disabilities. The week was an extraordinary success!

Continuing with successful events, the third and final Honor Roll Breakfast of the year was held on May 12, 2015. This special event acknowledged the students who continue to work hard and achieve academic success. Additionally, students who have earned Distinguished Honor Roll for the entire year will be invited to the Breakfast of Champions which be held June, 20, 2015 at Kean University. This is an annual event and a great privilege to be invited. Congratulations to all involved.

May 12, 2015 also marked a special day here in the Roselle Borough School District as ABC Family hit star, Lucy Hale, visited Abraham Clark High School and sang alongside the high school’s winning A Cappella team – The Leading Tones – which was recently selected as the winning New York metro finalist in the National Boost the Volume Student A Cappella Competition! Grace Wilday students were invited to attend this special event which was designed to boost the importance of living your best life and served as a reminder about the importance of protecting teens against meningococcal meningitis – a rare but potentially life-threatening disease that can potentially take a life in 24 hours. There was also a guest speaker who had contracted the disease and survived. She lost her legs from her knees down and her fingers, but has done so much with her life since realizing bad things can happen in an instant. Together with Lucy Hale and The Leading Tones, they brought awareness to this disease and spread their message. It was an amazing event. 

Following that, we went into a succession of school-wide events. First, the Math Olympics were held on May 13, 2015 and May 15, 2015. Students participated in a series of rounds. Seventh grade and eighth grade students competed against students in the same grade level taking their shot to answer mathematical problems the fastest. Some questions were paper based and some allowed the use of a calculator. Students participated in a tryout resulted in creating the finalist teams.  The 7th and 8th grade students joined teams, Pythagoras and Euclid, to compete against each other and answer complex questions using Quizdom Responders. During the competition, the teams ended up in a tie.  It came down to the wire for two rounds for a team winner to be reached. The winning team, Pythagoras, consisted of the following team members: Ebere Chukwuyem, Iris Lewis, Alex Paez and Mitali Malhotra. Spectators also had the opportunity to give their opinion on problems and were each given a ticket upon their arrival in order to win prizes. All in all, this was a fun and successful event!

Students were invited to perform in the school’s annual Spelling Bee. Seventh grade students participated on May 19, 2015 while eighth grade students participated on May 20, 2015 with the School Spelling Bee Championship following on May 21, 2015. The winners for the seventh grade were Cristal Anuoha with first place and Ciara Banks with second place. First place for the eighth grade was Sanjana Malhorta and second place went to Drea Vidal. The overall Grace Wilday Spelling Bee Champion was Sanjana Malhorta. These students will be able to participate in the District-wide Spelling Bee on June 6, 2015 which will be held at Abraham Clark High School. Come check it out!

GWJHS also held their annual Spring Concert this month on May 19, 2015. Chorus and band members alike put on an amazing performance! The audience clapped and grooved along as the music played and filled the air. There was a mix of songs and styles of music. Overall, it was lovely event.

The Future Leaders Academy program students attended a field trip to Fort Dix/Fort McGuire Military Base on May 21, 2015. Since it was raining, the organizers had to design indoor activities for the 35 students. They were lead by high ranking enlisted Army instructors. Students participated in two different virtual combat environments. To end off the trip, students and staff enjoyed a scavenger hunt activity in simulated Iraqi living quarters. So everyone was able to engage in activities that actual soldiers participate in preparation for combat. Everyone loved the experience!   

The end of the month closed with the Bicycle Ride Rodeo which was held on May 28, 2015. The Gateway Family YMCA and Meadowlink in partnership with Grace Wilday Junior High School presented a Rodeo Bike Skills Program. The event was free and open to all students in the Roselle School District. Riders learned how to scan for traffic, maneuver through an obstacle course, recognize hazards and signal their intentions to drivers and fellow riders. The Ride Rodeo also included stations for a bike check, helmet fitting and tire pressure check.

Lastly, the month ended on a high note with Grace Wilday’s annual Career Day which was held on May 29, 2015. Numerous presenters participated in this fun-filled day sharing their expertise and personal anecdotes of their careers. Students were issued passports which held a schedule of their day, listing which rooms and presenters they were to visit. Students had five sessions and learned about many different career choices. At the end of the day, students returned to their homerooms to reflect on their day by writing a letter of appreciation to their favorite presenter. Overall, this was stated to have been the best Career Day we have ever had!

In this final reminder, the Grade 8 Promotional Exercise will be held on June 19, 2015 at 11am on the Grace Wilday field.  The end of the 2014-2015 school will be here before we know it. Please continue to support your child’s academic success as we push forward to the close of this academic school year.


Educationally yours,   


Dr. Josue B. Falaise



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