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    Dear Parents, Guardians and Community Members,

    March has been a very busy month for the students and faculty alike of Grace Wilday Junior High School.The month kicked off with a fundraiser sponsored by the Student Council. Members encouraged classmates and teachers alike to raise monies from March 1-22nd in the form of pennies and spare change for the Pennies for Patients program which benefits The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. More than 10 million schools across the country have participated in this annual collection since 1994. We are proud to have been a part of it this year. Everyone who donated is a winner and should be proud to have contributed to this great cause.

    Grace Wilday Junior High School’s annual Winter Talent Show was held Friday, March 4, 2016. Thanks to our dedicated faculty members, students had the opportunity to practice and perfect their performances for the show. Students focused on sharing their talents through singing and dancing. Overall, the show was a reminder of just how talented our students are!

    The Future Leaders Academy continues to meet at Abraham Clark High School on a regular monthly basis. Additionally, we also held an assembly for 8th grade students hosted by ACHS’ Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) in which information was given as to the requirements and expectations of becoming a JROTC member next year for incoming grade 9 students. The Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps is a Federal program sponsored by the United States Armed Forces in high schools across the United States and United States military bases across the world. The cadets shared a PowerPoint presentation filled with highlights of the program all the while dressed in their dress blues. There was a lot of excitement and enthusiasm as this is an outstanding program at our high school.

    Our Multicultural Committee continued their contributions to our school by acknowledging “Women’s History Month.” Songs sung by women were played each morning for a contest in which students had the opportunity to identify the artist and the name of the song. Additionally, illustrations of influential women and inspirational quotes lined our hallways inspiring young men and women to appreciate women’s contributions to society both past and present. Furthermore, in an effort to raise funds for our highly anticipated Multicultural Feast to be held in June, two Zumba events were held this month as well. Students and adults from schools throughout the district came to “Ditch the workout, Join the party!”

    Additionally, on Wednesday, March 16, 2016, Mr. Darius and Mrs. Longo attended the Title I, Family Resource Night program at Abraham Clark High School as representatives for eighth grade math from Grace Wilday Junior High School. During the program, both teachers presented math activities which they use in class to teach several concepts throughout the year. These games included; Jenga, War and Dice Roll. The parents and students of Roselle were excited to try out the various activities. Overall, it was a wonderful experience for all involved.

    Spring Open House was held on March 22, 2016. Student leaders, as well as teachers, facilitated a variety of lessons and workshops through the building. It was extremely rewarding and inspiring to see our students dressed to impress and leading adults through a variety of lessons and hands-on activities. We are thankful for the student volunteers and parents, guardians, and community members that came out to support us as we try new and innovative things!

    The 12th annual Teen Arts Festival was also held this month on March 24, 2016 at Union County College. Over 150 GWJHS student participants attended this fun filled, event this year. Samples of student art work were put on display for all to see while our GWJHS band and chorus members showcased their talents. Students’ performances, visual art, and writing pieces had the opportunity to be critiqued or receive constructive criticism. The students were also given the opportunity to participate in exciting activities while attending this event including a variety of workshops to enhance their artistic and creative abilities.

    The final marking period of the year begins mid-April. As we start to draw to an end of this academic school year, I ask that you continue to be present in your child(ren)’s academic studies throughout the remainder of the year.

    Educationally yours,   

    Dr. Josue B. Falaise


          Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights Act: HIB Grades

    Ms. Teresa Petracca
    Anti-Bullying Specialist 

    Ms. Raquel White
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